USDA’s  SuperTracker

The USDA’s SuperTracker is a free online tool that eases the transition into a healthier lifestyle through physical activity and better eating. Get your personalized nutrition and physical activity plan, track your foods and physical activities to see how they stack up, and get tips and support to help you make healthier choices and plan ahead.

Click here to visit the site and create your profile!

Growing Stronger: Strength Training for Older Adults

If you’re interested in feeling stronger, healthier, and more vital, this program is for you. This strength-training program was developed by experts at Tufts University and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If you’re not physically active now, Growing Stronger will help you make daily activity a regular part of your life by building the essential strength that makes all movement easier and more enjoyable. Click here to get strong!

What’s your Body Mass Index?

When you step onto the bathroom scale, the number you see doesn’t necessarily tell you how healthy you are. Body Mass Index, or BMI, shows at a glance whether extra pounds translate into health risks. Click here to find out your BMI.

Calculate your Waist-to-Hip Ratio

Your waist-to-hip ratio tells you if you’re pear-shaped (which means that fat builds up on your hips), apple-shaped (fat gravitates to your waist and upper torso), or avocado-shaped (somewhere in between). It’s important to know what shape you have because an avocado- or apple-shaped body can put you at risk of certain weight-related health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Click here to find out your shape!