Grow 2B Fit

The Grow 2B Fit Foundation, a non-profit organization, teaches families how to grow to be fit and learn to be healthy. Their goals are to give parents and children the knowledge and skills they need to make smart and healthy lifestyle choices. Families receive a workbook that provides basic nutrition education; including the five food groups, portion sizes for all age groups, even how to make healthy choices when eating out. The workbook also provides parents with different ways to incorporate more exercise into their daily life, simple changes that can make a big difference.

The workbook also has several questionnaires to help families recognize lifestyle habits they would like to change, such as too much TV or screen time, not enough exercise, or unhealthy eating habits. Families are encouraged to really investigate what happens not just in the home, but also at school, day care, in the community or at the homes of family and friends. Worksheets that help define a family’s goals are helpful, along with others that help track the progress of family members.

Grow 2B Fit sponsors monthly Kidz Kamps where families come together for a nutrition class and to learn how to exercise together. Families are provided with ideas of exercises they can do at home with simple things they already have, like Uno cards or dice! They also provide basic sporting equipment that is donated by community members and are in the process of developing a Fit Buddy program, a mentorship program matching volunteers with children to provide one-on-one teaching and support

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