About Us

A wide ranging group of Tucson organizations have banded together to get our community moving. We call our effort Activate Tucson. We believe that together we can accomplish more by leveraging the work that individual businesses, nonprofits and schools are already doing. Collectively we envision making an impact in the quality of life of all Tucsonans – children, adults, families, students, seniors, employees, everyone. We want to dramatically reduce the creeping level of obesity right here in our community.

We are part of a national effort led by the YMCA of the USA called Activate America: Pioneering Healthy Communities.

Our Mission

To educate, motivate and facilitate long-term collaboration with business, government, schools, communities, neighborhoods, social service agencies and the media toward making the greater Tucson area a healthier place to live work and play.

Our Goals

• Involve key stakeholders
• Become a clearinghouse of physical activity and nutritional information
• Influence public policy
• Promote and support information and education on healthier active lifestyles
• Develop and deliver informational and motivational messages