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Local Food Resources

  The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona encourages families to learn about local food resources and markets. Community markets provide food that was grown and sourced from local farms and community gardens. All of these resources are accessible to the public. Click to learn more about the gardens, markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
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About Us

A wide ranging group of Tucson organizations have banded together to get our community moving. We call our effort Activate Tucson. We believe that together we can accomplish more by leveraging the work that individual businesses, nonprofits and schools are already doing. Collectively we envision making an impact in the quality of life of all
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How healthy is your sports drink? by Salvatore J. Tirrito M.D., F.A.C.C.

Remember the old adage: “treat your body well and it will treat you well.”  As an athlete, you should be even more concerned about what goes in your body.  It never ceases to amaze me; many athletes will pound their bodies into the ground day after day, eat highly specialized diets, and abstain from many
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Who We Are

Activate Tucson is a collaboration between a diverse spectrum of Tucson organizations, united by the desire to curb the growing trends of obesity and chronic disease in our community. We have banded together with the common goal of making the Greater Tucson area a healthier place to live, work, and play. We believe that, together,
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Our Founding Partners

University of Arizona Center for Physical Activity and Nutrition* Pima County Department of Natural Resources, Parks, and Recreation* YMCA of Southern Arizona* Tucson Mayor’s Office* Center for Health Equality* Community Food Bank* Health Net* Pima County Department of Transportation* Southern Arizona Roadrunners * Founding member

Let’s Move! Outside

Tucson is part of the Let’s Move! Outside Initiative. We are trying to help bridge the gap between youth and nature. Tucson wants to facilitate the connection that youth and their families have with green space, local parks and public lands within the community. They believe in utilizing playing, learning, serving, and working to achieve this goal.
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